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Commercial and residential electrical service in Belgrade & Bozeman, MT

Do you own a home or property in need of a lighting or electrical upgrade? Do you need a control panel built by the best in the business?

Whatever your electrical need may be, VerTex Electric can deliver. We have more than 10 years of experience delivering amazing electrical installations and repairs in Belgrade & Bozeman, MT, and the surrounding area to customers like you. Specializing in electrical and motor control panels along with commercial and residential service, we have the commitment and skill to get your project finished ASAP.

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Put Yourself in Control

At VerTex Electric, we pride ourselves in our knowledge of control panel builds and repairs in Belgrade & Bozeman, MT. Whether for an apartment complex or a manufacturing facility, if it’s an electrical or motor control panel, we’re the team to trust.

Contact us for your:

• Motor controls and motor starters
• HVAC controls, including boilers valves and climate control
• Variable air valve (VAVs) in duct system
• Instrumentation, including programmable logic controllers (PLCs)

Servicing Homes Both Old and New

Whether you have a new construction that needs power or a home upgrade in mind, VerTex Electric can handle the job, including:

• Adding an outlet
• New lighting fixture
• Electrical switch replacement
• Electrical home rewiring
• Electrical panel replacement
• New electrical meters

Servicing Commercial Properties

Whether you have a business office or an industrial factory, VerTex Electric will take care of your electrical work, including:

• Conduit installation and repair
• Lighting installation and rewiring
• Lighting control panel installation
• Occupancy sensor installation
• Tenant improvement work
• 24/7 emergency service

3 Reasons to Hire VerTex Electric

1. Safety. When it comes to electrical systems, whether in the home or in a facility, you’ll want to play it safe. You can trust us to complete your install or repair correctly and safely.

2. Cost. When you factor in the cost of letting untrained contractors attempt a repair twice, it makes a lot sense to go with real, experienced professionals the first time around.

3. Speed. Particularly if you run a commercial property, time is money. When you need electrical work done ASAP, Vertex Electric can meet your deadline.

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